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    The wound care program is available to provide services to Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Home Care, and Hospice...
    The Woundometer instrument has been developed to measure the wounds of patients in the health care setting...
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    Wound Care Services, Home Health Care

    Our wound care program offers a full scope of services to its clientele by a highly qualified staff specialized in wound care.

    The wound care program provides valuable services such as:

    • evidence-based wound management
    • staff education
    • cost containment

    Regardless of the health care situation, the wound care specialist will provide:

    • clinical expertise
    • education
    • awareness of cost
    • the efficient use of resources

    The financial investment in the initial and ongoing practice is critical to a successful and effective wound care program.

  • Testimonials

    "I want to thank Medica Health Management and their Wound Masters for being our guide throughout the wound care implementation process."
    Sylvia Mojica
    - Director of Services, Lubbock, TX

    Medica Health Management - Wound Masters/Woundometer - 1110 N. Carroll Ave. - Southlake, TX - 76092