Woundometer FAQ

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  • Why is measuring the wound important?

    Accurate and consistent measuring of wounds allows wound clinicians to properly evaluate a patient’s condition as they progress through the phases of wound healing. This allows for the added benefits of predictability and preventative treatments to be put in place should the wound show symptoms of recession during the healing process.

    What is the Woundometer?

    The Woundometer uses an axis design for accurate measurement of height and width. The Woundometer also has a rounded edge for the ability to measure depth in order to attain the volume of a wound should it be required for proper evaluation. The Woundometer is also made out of a flexible material that allows for the wound clinician to press the device against the patient to attain consistent results.

    How is the Woundometer more accurate than current methods?

    Currently there is not a cost effective gold standard for wound measurement; this issue is further exacerbated by the lack of a proper method to measure wound volume. The Woundometer provides an inexpensive tool which addresses these key problems during wound measurement.

    How can this increase in accuracy assist healthcare professionals in the medical industry?

    The Woundometer assists medical professionals by addressing two critical issues in today’s medical profession: Complete documentation and Proper evidence based practice when diagnosing a care plan. The Woundometer’s results are easily documented via picture or manual written documentation. This allows for increased accuracy during diagnosis and monitoring of the patients wound through the plan of care.

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