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  • Wound Care Program

    Our wound care program includes a group of professional nurses specialized in wound care and dedicated to provide effective wound care solutions to our clientele.

    Our role includes administrative, education, research, product services, and consulting.

    The wound care program will come to your facility, Hospital, Home Health, Hospice, Clinic, or Private Practice to assess your needs for the wound care program. Wound Masters can help design or evaluate the program in place while implementing protocols and educating your staff. Once the staff has been trained, Wound Masters will be available providing continuous support.

    Subsequently to implementing the wound care program, Wound Masters will coordinate patient care by using critical thinking skills, technology, and advanced therapies. Wound Masters is an advocate for patients by making critical decisions. We are available to assist you with any complex clinical problems.

    Medica Health Management - Wound Masters/Woundometer - 1110 N. Carroll Ave. - Southlake, TX - 76092